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As Eleven began to tear up and cover her ears, Chad recorded the humiliation as Angela and her posse continue to circle her. She questions that Eleven isn't talking about a famous person (since the working guidelines stated that the project had to be about a famous figure). Student at Lenora Hills High School ¿Pagará impuestos la persona ganadora de los $220 millones del "Mega Sorteo Lotería"? Angela is a popular student at Lenora Hills High School, with a group of friends and a boyfriend named Jake. Mike reveals the enemy to be the Demogorgon, another instance of foreshadowing that would greatly affect the events of the show later on. Her demeanor insults Isabela’s true nature, suffocating her epiphany. Noah Schnapp actor de "Stranger Things" revela que se identifica como gay. Dungeons & Dragons has played a huge role in Stranger Things since its first episode, where the game was used to introduce a young group of boys who would soon find themselves at the center of a dangerous supernatural plot. But on her wedding day, Pepa loses her hold on her powers following a misunderstanding with her younger brother. Will could hit Vecna with the Stranger Things equivalent of a “fireball,” doing enough damage to kill Vecna but at the unfortunate cost of his own demise. 05-10-2020 12:55. Callahan then excused himself, using his 'dentist appointment' as an excuse, leaving Powell to investigate further. Mike hides the mysterious girl in his house. The movie ends with an optimistic message, but some viewers feel like this is forced. Mirabel agrees to help him, but even then, Abuela looks on disapprovingly. After Eleven's arrival, Angela and her gang began to make her life miserable, taking advantage of her shy nature. In the very first sequence of the movie, Abuela is shown telling the young Mirabel the story of the Encanto and how it was founded. of Energy an unexplained event occurs. The Evolution Of Steve 'The Hair' Harrington In ‘Stranger Things’. Trending. Te agradeceré todos los días por las risas y los recuerdos que me diste a lo largo de mi vida hasta ahora", expresó. However, she doesn’t always prove it. Following a conversation with Mirabel, Luisa confesses that she feels herself crumbling under all the pressure. Arrogant, sarcastic, demeaning, cruel, vindictive, sadistic, mean-spirited, Teenaager girl around fifteen years old, light blonde hair and hazel eyes, Bullying Eleven and make her life miserable (failed), Bullying Eleven, being the best at everything, getting the better of people, being in control, People she considers "losers", failing grades, Eleven, This article is about the character from Stranger Things. The next morning, two police officers arrived at the Byers home to arrest Eleven for assaulting Angela, who was revealed to have suffered a grade 2 concussion from the incident. Bruno is an even sadder case, and a sequence in the movie suggests that he may suffer from real mental health issues. The audience likes to look at the clothes, and I want to give them something to look at, [but] there have been moments where [the Duffer brothers] will say, ‘Yeah, we like looking at it too, but it’s not believable enough.’”, Walk Through the Costume Department of Stranger Things Season Four, Costume designer Amy Parris reveals Easter eggs and Millie Bobby Brown’s haptic suit. Occupation When a casting breakdown went up recently, we snagged a few more details to speculate over, and we're not exactly saying Hellcheer, we're just saying it's giving vibes. The world premiere of the first season took place on July 15, 2016. She showed enough bravery and skill to capture an infected rat in spite of her belief they were carrying rabies. Eleven, snapping back to reality, realized what she had done as a crowd, including Mike and Will, gathered in shock. Movies. Come on over here. Max's (Sadie Sink) battle with Vecna is a moment in cinematic history.#Strang. Logros y Trofeos Stranger Things 3 The Game - Bronce. RELATED: 10 Things Fans Don't Want To See In Stranger Things Season 4 . For much of the movie, it's speculated that Bruno left the Encanto. Portrayed by by . Angela said she was sorry that Eleven couldn't cry to a teacher so suggested she should cry to her father instead. Eleven asked if she was in trouble for the altercation with Angela, but Sam comforted her and told her he would make the charges against Eleven go away immediately. Yum! 80 [3] While two of the characters, Larry Kline and Bruce Lowe, were present, the third character, Patrica Brown, was absent. Avanza la ley de fibromialgia y dolor crónico: ¿En qué consiste la enfermedad? While Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's original score to Stranger Things sets the series' eerie tone, pitch-perfect musical selections round out the retro scene-setting. Antonio, the youngest member of the family, is visibly nervous when facing his own ceremony. Angela then teasingly asked if Eleven would do her "mean stare" again if she didn't comply, causing her crew to snicker. However, when Nancy and Jonathan arrived in Doris' room, she was no where to be found and were instead confronted by a possessed Tom Holloway and Bruce Lowe who'd set a trap for them. Contents 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 1985 2 Personality 3 Relationships Stranger Things season 5 will unquestionably be an emotional final outing, and Will’s death may prove to be the key to saving his hometown. She has no problem bullying Eleven just for doing anything, and she goes anything to humiliate and bully her at every opportunity. While this would be an unspeakably sad ending, it would ensure Will is given a more prominent role in Stranger Things season 5 - and deservedly so. She points out that she has never been good enough for Abuela, and if the family magic is dying, it’s because of the matriarch. She’s still figuring herself out. Tell her! This does show she had no morals whatsoever. Stranger Things has never been one to shy away from foreshadowing, especially with its consistent use of Dungeons & Dragons references.Dungeons & Dragons has played a huge role in Stranger Things since its first episode, where the game was used to introduce a young group of boys who would soon find themselves at the center of a . When Angela got in trouble for destroying El's class project, Angela and her friends decided to get payback by humiliating El at the local roller rink. Hazel However, the van was stopped on the way by several vehicles containing federal agents, led by Dr. Sam Owens. On Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) style evolution... Mrs. Driscoll wanted an explanation as to why the rats in her cellar were eating her fertilizer, and was proactive in calling The Hawkins Post to report the potentially diseased animals. Actually, Dio was a popular band in the ’80s, and we reached out to the estate [of the late Ronnie James Dio to source a band shirt]. She then showed them one of the rats that she had captured, which was moving frenetically around its cage. Kidnapped and left for dead in season 1, possessed in season 2, and traumatized in seasons 3 and 4, Will deserves his moment of retaliation against the forces that have kept him physically and emotionally captive throughout Stranger Things. However, your blunt honesty has been known to offend people on occasion. Doris was a kind, elderly resident of Hawkins, Indiana who fell victim to the Mind Flayer, becoming one of the Flayed. "Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp came out as gay in an 8-second TikTok video on Thursday. Mirabel is now at the age where she can receive her own ability, and Abuela tells her to make her family proud and use her power to strengthen their community. She lacks sympathy, pushing to treacherous boundaries regardless of people's feelings. Teens solving mysteries, fighting creatures and more — shows to scratch that ’80s-tastic itch. Encanto may not have a villain but, to many, Abuela comes awfully close. Angela, taking advantage of this, told Eleven she wanted her to skate with them. When Eleven moved to Lenora Hills and became a student at her school, Angela chose her as her prime target, humiliating and bullying her every chance she got. Cómo 'Stranger Things' se inspiró en 'It' y cómo la nueva 'It' se inspira en 'Stranger Things'. With less than a week until the highly anticipated return of .css-1yqjmcm{color:var(--accent-color);}Stranger Things, “Seven Stranger Days” takes you behind the scenes and inside the lives of your Hawkins favorites with insight from the cast, the crew and even the Duffer brothers. Biographical information As Foo Fighters Announce Their Return to Touring, Who Might Play Drums? However, the reconciliation of the family doesn’t magically erase Bruno and Mirabel’s pain. As a result, she feels the need to promote an image of perfection within her own family. Eleven had made a diorama of her father, Jim Hopper, and the cabin that they both lived in together. Since that first scene introducing Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas in Stranger Things season 1, Dungeons & Dragons has become a cornerstone of Stranger Things’ storytelling in more ways than one. Mirabel is, of course, the perfect example. Furious, Eleven called out to her and attempted to use her powers in a fit of rage. 26, 27, 28. After moving to a new home in Hawkins in March 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could . There's times where I was like, “This is so bizarre,” but I think that's the right feeling because she doesn't know where she's going. As the oldest member of the family, Alma is supposed to be the wisest. Angela screams in pain as she falls to the ground, and when her horrified friends go to check on her, they discover that she had a cut on her nose. Sacrificing himself to save his loved ones and finally rid the world of the Upside Down would likely seem like the right decision in Will’s eyes. She's encouraged by Abuela to control her emotions as they can cause significant disturbances. Mike, having been falsely told by Eleven that Angela was her friend, said it was nice to meet Eleven's new friends. She is the girlfriend of Jake, and very antagonistic towards Eleven, who she often bullies. Still on the floor, Angela began to wail in pain and distress. Immerse yourself in Stranger Things and be the hero in an interactive experience where you will unlock your powers to save Hawkins alongside your favorite characters 80's NOSTALGIA Enjoy an 80's-style medley of locations and fan-favorite moments with merchandise, food & drinks, photo ops, interactive performers, and more surprises! The 18-year-old actor publicly came out as gay in a TikTok video Thursday. Discover some of the show's most iconic locations and check out all of the gnarly merch and rad activities waiting inside. The monster almost kills Nancy before she's saved by Eleven with her powers, forcing the creature out the window before it escapes and becomes part of the Spider Monster. Soon, an ambulance arrived, with a paramedic asking an incoherent Angela questions concerning her memories and what parts of her face hurt. Angela had absolutely no boundaries in messing with her, belittling Eleven for talking about her father being a hero and humiliating her in front of Mike, Eleven's boyfriend. Enraged, Eleven followed from behind, grabbing a skate from a boy and calling out to Angela. Born This may be why, at the beginning of the movie, the townsfolk seem unaware that Mirabel has no gift (although they certainly should have known about it). As a result, she feels the need to promote an image of perfection within her own family. The following day, the local police station received a call of disturbing noises coming from Doris' address. During the three-hour tour, you . The true core of Abuela’s character lies in her personal grief. “People have come up to me — I was just in Paris and this, like, 40-year-old man came up to me and he was like, ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so good. You are friendly and trusting but have a sarcastic side, as well. Now enraged, Eleven grabs a roller skate from a boy, follows Angela and calls out to her from behind; when she turns around, Eleven kicks her in the face with her skate foot. Doris was a kind, elderly resident of Hawkins, Indiana who fell victim to the Mind Flayer, becoming one of the Flayed. Check back daily to secure your spot in the Hellfire Club — this is one ticking clock you won’t want to run from. But [the Duffer brothers and Hawke] were like, “No, she’s a sloppy teenager.” So we pulled back and accessorized her less, making her a little bit more casual and more akin to what she would have grabbed to run out of the house. The group then go to the hospital and let Doris lead them to the source of The Mind Flayer. Eleven was later arrested by police for assaulting Angela, who had suffered a second-degree concussion from the incident. Schnapp, 18, posted a video to his . No food or drinks on the rink.". Their conversation has an unexpected side-effect, as Isabela’s angry response frees her from the burden of her imposed perfection. By Simrin Singh. The Stranger Things pilot may have teased Will's season 5 fate. Everything in this season is our chance to see who she really is. I guess some people thought it was a recreation, but it’s 100% real vintage. Joyce Byers is the mother of Will and Jonathon and is one of the few adults involved in the mysteries of Hawkins. Mistakes or inadequacies are always frowned upon. Just know that you might come face to face with a . When Eleven arrived and sat down, Jake blew a spitball at her through a straw, and laughed with Angela at the expression on her face. 5'5" (165 cm) Estas son las señales que indican que estás insolado. Doris Grant (maiden name)Ms. Driscoll (by Nancy Wheeler) Es tan difícil sentarse allí y mirar". But the world is changing, and Terry isn't . Angela, realizing she was likely giving a bad impression, saved face by saying that was not what she had meant and just wanted clarity on the assignment. She’s going to go fight monsters. Buenas hoy les traigo un capitulo mas de StrangerThings en donde nos enfrentaremos a la abuela que esta poseída por un ser extraño, un enfrentamiento que pon. Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Season 4 2 Personality 3 Navigation Biography Season 4 bothered to bring food and drink with them. Grey They are writing this real character and this real journey and real struggle and they’re doing it so well.”. The first outfit that Millie wore on set as Eleven [this season] was a “Strawberry Fields” shirt with teal sweatpants. La protagonista de Stranger Things reveló que su abuela Ruth murió debido al Alzheimer que padeció durante los últimos años. Residence Its remarkable songs are just as iconic as Frozen’s "Let It Go," and its protagonist is charming and empathetic. She pointed out that it was supposed to have been about a famous historical figure. But his premonitions often contain bad news for the people involved, and he is ostracized as a result. Alexandra Moroca is an author with a degree in Political Science and a penchant for obsessing over fictional characters. His wife is in charge of his estate and offered to send us vintage T-shirts, which was such a dream. In a video posted to his TikTok account on Thursday, the 18-year-old actor wrote, “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was ‘we know'” — over Schnapp lip-syncing to an audio clip from a different TikTok of someone saying, “You know what it never was? As they walked off, Jake kicked Eleven's project to Chad, Angela's other friend, and he stomped on it, destroying the cabin and her figurine of Hopper. Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Top 250 TV Shows Most Popular TV Shows Most Popular Video Games Most Popular Music Videos Most Popular Podcasts. Although Eleven says it was just an accident the teacher realizes the truth when she sees Angela avoiding making eye contact. Embarrassed, Eleven began to stumble ove her words when Angela raised her hand. No hay ningún sentimiento que señalar", comenzó diciendo. Wanting to take revenge on Eleven for being a "snitch" and get her in trouble with the teacher Gracie, Angela formulates a plan. Eleven, fighting back tears, said her father was a hero because he died saving lives in a mall fire. In total, Puck estimates the cast budget to be around $80 million. Angela, taking advantage of that, invites Eleven to skate with them, who hadn't finished her meal yet. Will can choose between casting a protection spell, as urged by Dustin, or attacking the Demogorgon with a fireball, as urged by Lucas. Though Eleven did her best to ignore Angela and her friends, she was often hurt by their cruelty. Relationship status However, it's later revealed that he's still inside the casita, living within its walls. © 2023 Variety Media, LLC. Stranger Things. The pronounced feeling of rejection stands out particularly in the song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”, RELATED: Encanto: 10 Anime Characters Bruno Would Be Friends With. The Cast Of "Stranger Things" Took Our "Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You?" Quiz And Now You Can Too. Jake asked who the "twig" was, and Angela said while she doesn't know, she concluded that "the snitch" had a boyfriend and began hatching a plan. Mirabel finally confronts her grandmother about her actions. 19, 20, 21, 23, Jonathan Byers (former friendly acquaintance)The Spider Monster ✝ (created from remains). To validate this, Angela mocked Eleven over the apparent death of her stepfather, Jim Hopper. While making fun of her, Angela, her boyfriend, and the rest of the group destroy her project, Enraged, Eleven tries to use her powers against Angela, only to realize that nothing has happened. It might have been dead stock and made its way into a costume house. The following day, Nancy and Jonathan visited Doris at her home while under the guise of being reporters from the Post. Later, on the school campus, Angela trips Eleven down, causing her project to break. Age You can book a "Private Stranger Things 'The Upside Down' Film Locations Tour in Atlanta" on Viator. The two lived happily together in Hawkins until Jack died in 1975, leaving Doris a widow. The two characters' problems stem from Abuela’s influence and her inability to truly value them. There, she, along with all of the other Flayed, were melted into biomass and absorbed into the Spider Monster. That is exactly who I was when I was a kid.’ That just made me so happy to hear. Realizing Eleven's mournful and saddened personality, Angela sarcastically takes back her words. This made Eleven cry, and she skated away alone. Shortly afterward, Doris was possessed by The Mind Flayer, becoming one of The Flayed. There is no denying that he feels responsible whenever a new threat presents itself. Later that day, Eleven walked across the campus when Angela tripped her and caused her to drop her project. . Calvin Powell and Phil Callahan then proceeded to her address to perform a wellness check, knocking on her door but finding no one to answer it. Parris says Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer are always collaborative in the costuming process, adding input on what feels right for a group of cool teenagers on a steady track toward self-discovery, without making them look too slick — these are nerds, after all. However, despite the numerous qualities the movie possesses and its enchanting magical themes, Encanto contains a darker plot thread. At the U.S. Dept. Mrs. Gracey asked if she could wait until Eleven's presentation was over to ask questions, but Angela framed her question as being one about the guidelines of the project. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, Encanto: 10 Worst Things Abuela Did To Her Family, Ranked, 10 Actors Behind The Voices Of Disney's Encanto, the townsfolk seem unaware that Mirabel has no gift, Encanto: 10 Anime Characters Bruno Would Be Friends With, Encanto: 5 Best Things About The Film (& 5 That Didn't Work). Stranger Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series created, written, and directed by the Duffer Brothers. Angela was socially popular, coming across as charming, confident, and supportive by nature, showing a genuine appreciation for her friends and enjoying their company very much. Tell her, Jane! He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a boy. Brett Gray (left) as Jamal Turner, and Peggy Blow as Abuela, a lovable, pot-smoking grandma, . El is a Features Writer for Screen Rant, originally from the Netherlands but currently based in the UK. Although they apparently agreed on practically everything, he was destructive while she wasn't, which she didn't do anything to stop due to finding it amusing.[1]. On Steve’s (Joe Keery) Scoops Ahoy costume in Season 3... Season 4. By her own admittance, it's partly because she takes on too many tasks. Having dedicated most of her academic and professional life to the art of storytelling, there's little she loves more than discussing her favorite movies, TV shows, and books with fellow fans. Tempers can run high in the family, but she doesn’t really seem to try to put a stop to long-running conflicts. The two teenagers fight and kill The Flayed men, until then, their corpses melt and combine to create a monster. Costume designer Amy Parris breaks down the key clothes from the final season. This time around, the action is set solidly in the chaotic fashion multiverse of 1986, and key members of the cast have moved to California — think bigger hair, brighter pastels and trendy teen aesthetics evolved well beyond what you’d see in the Midwest. Angela appears in a history project giving an oral presentation to class about Helen Keller, whom she describes as her heroine, to the applause of the class. Costume designer Amy Parris reveals Easter eggs and Millie Bobby Brown's haptic suit. -Pásense por el canal de mi hermano sube vídeos muy interesante y bastante editados se que les va a encantar: Les Gusto El Video Pueden Darle Like Y Se Pueden Suscribir Se Los Agradecería Mucho Ya Que Me Ayudan A Seguir Creciendo Y Me Motiva A Seguir Subiendo Mas Contenido Al Canal.-Mis Especificaciones Del Pc:AMD A10 7860K (De Fabrica)2 de 4=8gb Ram 1866mhz ddr3Rx 560 4gb ddr5 (De Fabrica)Windows 10 Home************************* REDES SOCIALES ************************-Twitter:********************* VÍDEOS DE MI HERMANO *********************-Una opinión honesta: Dark Souls Remastered: Bandas Sonoras de Videojuegos que me marcaron: pasa con Dark Souls Remastered?? On the night of June 29, Doris called The Hawkins Post complaining about rabid rats. However, she seemed to also be a bit paranoid, as Tom Holloway claimed that she believed in conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination. Vecna is the main antagonist from the fourth season of Stranger Things. En primer lugar, estos son los 16 trofeos de Bronce del juego: Bienvenidos a Hawkins: Por completar el Anticipo; Un batido imbatible: Por completar La revancha de los empollones; Desde el amor a Rusia: Por completar Amor radar …pero los novios sí: Por completar Entra y Enróllate; No salgo de casa: Por completar Tareas para la abuela . Answer the yellow phone at Joyce's house, play games at the Palace Arcade, and take a stroll through the Lab, if you dare. When you’ve got plotlines venturing into otherworldly realms, it’s important for the clothes to stay authentic. As the creator of the Encanto, Abuela Alma is the pillar of the community inside the magical settlement. Angela, being in the same year as Eleven and Will, is likely 14 or 15 years old. Mirabel practically risks her life trying to prove that she has worth. It's primarily filmed in and around the Atlanta area. I felt like it was going to go into a little bit more alternative — not quite punky, but just more alternative fashion girl. Angela seemed to possess no morals between right and wrong where she was quite shocked when she got sent to the principal's office, claiming she did not do anything wrong while ignoring the fact that she encouraged her boyfriend and friends to destroy Eleven's project. “Hawkins, Indiana, is a little more drab, a little bit more old-fashioned — in California, you see the surfer style and the skater style.”. In the first episode of Stranger Things, Will Byers and his friends are introduced while they are in the middle of a high-stakes Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It was never that serious. Creating costumes for Season 4 was a true hero’s journey for Parris and her team, who first came on board back in Season 3. and Jake threw the milkshake on Eleven's dress, causing her to fall backwards. In late February 2018, it was reported three new characters would be featured in the season. She was interesting, because we’ve really only seen her outside of Scoops Ahoy at the end of Season 3. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. When you've got plotlines venturing into otherworldly realms, it's important for the clothes to stay authentic. RELATED: Encanto: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked. Relationship status : Aseguran que Angélica Castro y Cristián de la Fuente se fueron a recibir el año nuevo en Brasil, "¿Ya es gay? Though she did not take part in the destruction, Angela laughed when she saw what had taken place. ¿Se reconciliaron? While this D&D exchange foreshadowed Will’s disappearance later that same night, it may also have teased his fate in Stranger Things season 5. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the fashion can’t also be truly iconic. Where oh where have you been hiding this handsome thing? When Eleven was selected to present next, Angela sarcastically clapped with the class as Eleven stood up. Brown was not a part of the negotiations due to her Netflix contract that covers Enola . -Pásense por el canal de mi hermano sube vídeos muy interesante y bastante editados se que les va a encantar: Not only does she make her family doubt their self-worth, but she isn’t even appreciative when her family members support each other. Angela, portrayed by Elodie Grace Orkin,[2] is a recurring antagonist in the fourth season of Stranger Things. That evening, Eleven and Dr. Owens talked in a diner. His mother apparently does nothing to stop this and may have actually encouraged it. A bloodied Angela crying in pain after being struck in the face with a roller skate by Eleven. After Jonathan and Nancy left to make a few calls, the rat exploded into a moving pile of biomass that escaped its cage. Nancy and Jonathan returned to her home that same evening in order to retrieve the diseased rat. It’s hard to dress a teenager, but it’s even harder when they need the perfect outfit to unexpectedly fight an undead sorcerer after school. But right now, it’s in Eleven’s closet. Eleven protested, using her unfinished milkshake as an excuse, but Jake forcefully snatched her milkshake and said he would hold onto it for her. Angela said she didn't do anything and called for Eleven, asking her to tell Ms. Gracey that she was innocent, but Eleven was too upset to say anything. Angela is sadistic, deceitful, rude, boastful, and overall, sadistic, cruel and mean-spirited. As it turned out, both lemonade drinks had been spiked by Doris but since only Powell drank and stayed behind, only he was affected. The Madrigals lead by example, and they always have to be the role models for the community. Stranger Things has never been one to shy away from foreshadowing, especially with its consistent use of Dungeons & Dragons references. Eleven lied, saying she accidentally tripped and stared down at the ground, but Ms. Gracey realized the truth when she found Angela and her crew avoiding eye contact. Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, The Leading Source for Gaming News, Reviews, and Interviews, How Stranger Things Episode 1 Might Have Teased Will's Season 5 Fate, How Stranger Things’ Longest Running Subplot Sets Up Vecna’s Defeat, Why Eleven Could Kill Will In Stranger Things 5. It's true: 'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush can literally save the universe. Jake (boyfriend)[1]Stacy (best friend)Chad (best friend)Eleven (enemy) Don't be a mouth-breather, take this quiz! “It was always kind of there, but you never really knew, is it just him growing up slower than his friends?” Schnapp said. That serious. Widowed Status Nancy goes looking for leads. Nancy Wheeler (former friendly acquaintance)Jonathan Byers (former friendly acquaintance)The Spider Monster ✝ (created from remains) She rushes to warn her family, but her Abuela refuses to believe her and tells the onlookers she has simply drunk too much. Buenas hoy les traigo un capitulo mas de StrangerThings en donde nos enfrentaremos a la abuela que esta poseída por un ser extraño, un enfrentamiento que pondra aprueba nuestas habilidades, espero que les guste este video tanto como a mi, saludos.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amazon:*Empresas Código de descuento:- (brandonmgames =15% descuento)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Redes SocialesInstagram:\u0026sec_uidlangCountry=es\u0026enter_from=h5_mPatreon: \"brandonmgames\"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Empresas Código de descuento:- (brandonmgames =15% descuento)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Stranger Things 3 Gameplay Schwab, among others. Pepa blames Bruno for the incident and Alma never reasons with her, leaving Bruno to shoulder the blame. Angela and her friends laughed over the video they recorded until Eleven angrily stormed out and confronted Angela and blamed her for ruining her day. Stranger Things has never shied away from foreshadowing, but one tease in its pilot episode may have given away Will Byers' fate in season 5. The Madrigals lead by example, and they always have to be the role models for the community. Related: How Stranger Things’ Longest Running Subplot Sets Up Vecna’s Defeat. That was the first thing I designed for the show. Among the police present was Callahan. Jake was Angela's boyfriend. As Nancy, Jonathan, Will, Mike, Eleven, Max, and Lucas investigated the Holloway house, Nancy remembered Doris crying that she had to "go back," realizing that the possessions of The Mind Flayer are taking place at a certain area. Eye color To finally rid himself and the world of that evil would be an incredibly cathartic moment, even if, unfortunately, Will’s sacrifice becomes necessary to kill Vecna. Instead of a reporter, Nancy Wheeler was the one who answered the phone and ultimately decided to investigate Doris' case without the permission or knowledge of her boss, Tom Holloway. Will chooses to throw a fireball, but his attempt was unsuccessful, allowing the Demogorgon to catch him. Family Later on, Eleven sat with her boyfriend, Mike, and Will drinking milkshakes, when Angela and her friends skated up to their table. Stranger Things is an American science fiction fantasy horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers that is streaming on Netflix.The brothers serve as showrunners and are executive producers along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. Residence Doris Driscoll (née Grant) [1], portrayed by Peggy Miley, was a recurring character, and later an antagonist, in the third season of Stranger Things. Stranger Things: With Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo. She cannot comprehend why she was sent to the principal's office after destroying El's project, while showing she takes no responsibility for her actions. But there’s only one. La protagonista de Stranger Things reveló que su abuela Ruth murió debido al Alzheimer que padeció durante los últimos años. Eleven began to cry as Angela and her gang skated around her between insults, with one of the teens filming Eleven's humiliation and Jake spilling milkshake all over her dress, causing her to fall backwards, earning jeers from the crowd, as Angela picked her up. I love Eddie. Millie recibió el cariño de sus más de 39 millones de seguidores, entre ellos su compañero de elenco en Stranger Things, Noah Schnapp (Will), Aaron Paul, David Beckham y Reese Witherspoon. Swallowing, Eleven continued and talked about the traps her father made and a pet squirrel she named "Mr. Fibley", causing the class to giggle even more. 14-15 (season four) Other relations He’s a fan of wizard metal, he’s a fan of Dio. She would frequently bully fellow student Jane "El" Hopper, ganging up on her with the help of her boyfriend Jake, and her close friends Stacy and Chad. Ms. Gracey, angered, took Angela by the arm and led her to the principal's office. Of course, that doesn't mean that the fashion can't also be truly iconic. 1905 In a video posted to his TikTok account on Thursday, the 18-year-… Angela asked Eleven why she had been hiding her boyfriend, and Eleven nervously introduced her to Mike. Read at your own discretion... Angela After Mike told the DJ to turn the music off, the circle around Eleven disbanded as the DJ yelled, "Wipeout!" Presumably after, Angela was taken to the hospital. Reluctantly, Mrs. Gracey admitted that Angela was technically correct, but that she would permit Eleven to do her project on her father. Eleven still does not know who she is. I’ve heard there was a fan debate online about whether or not it was an original vintage piece. The laughter died down when Mrs. Gracey made her way through the crowd and asked if Eleven was okay and if someone purposely destroyed her project. Dr. Owens and the agents demanded custody of Eleven, and moved her to their own vehicle. This character first founded the Encanto settlement and always disapproves of the protagonist, her grandaughter Mirabel. This is supposed to be about famous people? When she isn't binging the newest anime series or writing her newest novel, she likes to scream about her favorite characters on CBR. They then saw Doris Driscoll at the top of the stairs as she offered them some lemonade. Jack Driscoll ✝ (late husband) Psychologically, this is incredibly damaging. The 18-year-old actor, who plays closeted gay . He is the youngest son of Joyce Byers, the younger brother to Jonathan Byers, the stepbrother of Eleven, and the best friend of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and . Walk Through the Costume Department of Stranger Things Season Four. Alma’s middle daughter, Pepa, is gifted with the power to influence the weather. As Parris tells Tudum, giving key characters their sartorial shine is her favorite part of the job — she even has a favorite Season 4 style moment. NEXT: Encanto: 5 Best Things About The Film (& 5 That Didn't Work). In July, following the debut of the final two episodes of the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” Schnapp confirmed to Variety for the first time that Will Byers is gay and in love with his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard). (Stranger Things: Part 1) [Theory] karanmichael4588. “I think logistically about what’s in their closet, at the bottom of the floor.”. Biographical information La joven intérprete lamentó además no haber podido disfrutar el último con Ruth debido a la pandemia del coronavirus. Quite frankly, will never be that serious.”, In the caption to his TikTok video, Schnapp wrote, “I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought.”, I guess I’m more similar to will than I thought. An embarrassed Eleven tries to continue her speech about her father until Angela takes advantage of the situation and intentionally interrupts her. That fateful evening when Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and his bowl haircut went missing changed the humble Midwestern town forever. “There’s a lot more plaid and more autumn colors on the Hawkins people, so they stand out against the sun-bleached, bright colors of California,” Parris says. Despite that, the teacher allows Eleven to present her project, but she is very hurt to do it, as what Angela said made her feel bad. Angela's presentation on Helen Keller was hypocritical. Currently you are able to watch "Stranger Things" streaming on Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads, Sky Go. The two actors in the top tier are the big adult names: Winona Ryder and David Harbour. Angela is sent to principal's office by the teacher for what she had done, and even she is quite shocked about it as she insists that she didn't do anything wrong. Angela was the 'queen bee' of Lenora Hills High School. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Ness, and V.E. Angela is one of the tertiary antagonists (along with Yuri Ismaylov) in the fourth season of the Netflix sci-fi web series Stranger Things. “It’s scary for Max, and I feel like it always has been.”. They promptly called the police and Doris was taken to Hawkins Memorial Hospital. Later during their class, Angela presented on Helen Keller, using a slideshow with the help of Jake, and received applause from the class and the teacher, Mrs. Gracey. "Te amé más de lo que nadie podría amar. He’s a fan of Metallica. The Stranger Things pilot may have teased Will’s season 5 fate. ", "Milkshakes? That One Sucked’, Danny Masterson to Face Second Trial on Rape Charges, Golden Globes Predictions 2023: Who Will Win and Should Win in Film and TV Races, Michelle Yeoh Tells Golden Globes to 'Shut Up' After Trying to Cut Her Speech Short: 'I Can Beat You Up', Ke Huy Quan Tears Up During Emotional Golden Globes Speech, Thanks Spielberg for First Movie Role, Zelenskyy Declares to Golden Globes Viewers: 'There Will Be No Third World War, It Is Not a Trilogy', Prince Harry Tells Colbert He Wrote About Killing 25 People to ‘Reduce’ Suicides, Ellen DeGeneres Leaves Montecito Amid Dangerous Floods: “Mother Nature Is Not Happy With Us”, NFL Playoff Teams Find Winning Formula With Rookie-Contract QBs, Dash’s Mini Waffle Makers and Appliances Are On Sale — Starting at $16, Golden Globes: House of the Dragon Wins Best Drama Series. All of the Mysteries of Stranger Things Solved! At the hospital, Doris was visited by Nancy after she was convinced by her mother she should continue the investigation, only for The Mind Flayer to take control of Doris, as she wailed demonically with black veins appearing all over her skin. Georgia Miller really is a true chameleon. Aliases When she and Mirabel make amends, she reveals the full extent of her tragic tale. Full Version Stranger Things:: Movie Notebook - better than Stranger Things tshirt, 100 lineg. However, upon seeing how badly she injured Angela, El felt guilty and concerned with her own loss of control while presumably making Angela decide not to bully her ever again. Angela then grabbed Eleven by the arm and led her to the roller rink. Patricia was described as "an old woman in her 70s who will befriend the children and offer them advice all while she tends to her garden." ¿Qué ocurre con mi cuerpo si como muchos fideos? 1 Cuenta la historia de una adolescente llamada Snapdragon, que se hace amiga de la bruja del barrio, y se enfoca en su vida y sus relaciones, poniendo el . Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, "I'm old, honey, not senile. Abuela protected the family miracle created through Pedro’s death instead of thinking about the individuals she was hurting through her actions. Stranger Things, featured more tobacco use than any other program on streaming, broadcast or cable . During the celebration that marks Antonio receiving his gift, Mirabel is accidentally left out of a family picture. When she didn't respond to their knocking, they entered her home, only to find her in the basement eating fertilizer. Les contaré a todos sobre ti y las lecciones que me enseñaste. Ya no tendrán servicio de WhatsApp: En estos teléfonos dejará de funcionar la aplicación en 2023, Pailita furioso tras recibir críticas por donar a familias damnificadas en incendio de Viña del Mar, "¿Papá, cómo conseguiste sobrevivir en el internado? 4819 Cornwallis Rd,Hawkins, Indiana ": Neme adelanta párrafos del polémico libro de Harry, Con juego de drones y la presencia de Brad Pitt: Así fue el lujoso baby shower de "Penny" de "The Big Bang Theory", Una nueva prueba acecha a Shakira en su juicio por evasión fiscal: La mansión donde vivió con Piqué, "El vestido de Charlotte es demasiado grande": Harry revela cruce entre Kate Middleton y Meghan Markle previo a su boda, "Es una locura": Ellen DeGeneres y otros famosos evacuaron de sus hogares tras intensas lluvias en California, El aplaudido gesto de Denise Rosenthal: Cantante detuvo concierto tras notar que una niña estaba perdida, Yailin reaparece tras rumores de parto prematuro y hace una advertencia a sus seguidores, En un yate y escuchando las canciones de Rigeo: Las lujosas vacaciones de Dany Aránguiz en Miami, Kathy Salosny recuerda su romance con Felipe Camiroaga y revela que "él era un desastre como pareja", "Llegó el momento de decirle adiós": Carlos Villagrán anuncia que no actuará más como "Quico". But it looks like that the snitch has a boyfriend. Will’s sexuality had been an open question since the first episode of “Stranger Things,” but Schnapp had always deflected questions about the character’s identity, noting instead that the character was still “up to the audience’s interpretation.” In his July interview with Variety, Schnapp said that he wasn’t entirely sure what “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer had in mind for Will, and once he did, he didn’t want to spoil the way the show revealed the character’s journey in Season 4. Bruno has a lot in common with Mirabel: they are both the family's black sheep and scapegoats. Elodie Grace Orkin Luckily, they stopped me before I designed a pirate outfit. When Angela taunted Eleven about her father's death, El snapped and struck Angela in the face with a roller skate, giving Angela a grade 2 concussion and a large, bloody cut on her nose. Stranger Things (TV Series 2016- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Saddened, Eleven is alone in the storage room as she listens to Angela and her friends teasing her about the video, they made humiliating her. In the video, Schnapp lip syncs along to a person . Quien fuera Enola Holmes agregó que "el Alzheimer es malo. She eventually understands that what she did was wrong, and her secret pain makes her a tragic character in her own right. Stranger Things Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She’s confused, but she’s also clueless. Bought them over at Blackburn supplies just last Tuesday. Status Eleven retaliated by assaulting Angela in the face with a roller skate. When the Duffer brothers hired me, they were like, “We know that it’s a lot of the same returning characters, but we have two characters that are going to work at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream.” They were [actually] going to have Scoops Ahoy look more like pirates, but it became a little bit too close to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I HAAAAAVE TO GO BACK!!! When Variety asked Schnapp about how he navigated the attention on Will’s sexuality while he was also still figuring himself out, the actor pointed to all the tribulations the character has faced over the course of the series. When she’s not writing, reading, or watching shows at home, you can find her at the cinema twice a week. 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The casting call . Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, the first season focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy amid supernatural events occurring . "No hay palabras que tengan sentido en este momento. Lenora Hills, California Hair color Will’s friends and family are his lifelines, and he cares about them deeply. “We have a shorthand where she can show me something and I can immediately know ‘that’s Lucas’ or ‘that’s Max.’ ” But it’s not enough for each character to look good individually — this band of merry Demogorgon fighters also have to look good together, Parris explains. Though Will’s sacrifice would be a tragedy, it would also bring his story full circle. Age Jan. 6 (UPI) -- Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp says he is gay. Stranger Things is the original Netflix series created in 2016 by two brothers - Matt and Ross Duffer. In the aftermath of Mirabel’s failed gift ceremony, Abuela’s concern over the family magic leaves marks on everyone. Abuela is projecting her own insecurities and desperation onto the children, who are much too young to carry her burdens. As she struggled to say the word "diorama", Jake took advantage of this by calling it "diarrhea", causing the class to errupt in laughter until Ms. Gracey told them to quiet down. By Doha Madani. By the Fall of 1985, she was a freshman at Lenora Hills High School, gaining popularity, a friend group, and a boyfriend, Jake. Then when a young Dungeons and Dragons playing boy named Will disappears after a night with his friends, his mother Joyce and the town of Hawkins are plunged into darkness. I caught one of those little bastards myself! More: Why Eleven Could Kill Will In Stranger Things 5. Height Angela praised Keller specifically for how she demonstrated that disabled people shouldn't be dismissed and insulted, but Angela was cruel towards those with social issues. You are naturally curious, and you love to learn new things. As the song, Wipe Out, was put on, Angela's friends began circling Eleven on the rink as they called her a "freak", "loser", and "crybaby". And I related to it so much. No hay ningún sentimiento que señalar", comenzó diciendo. His mother, Joyce, the town's sheriff Jim Hopper and his three . Doris took them down to her basement, where she explained that the rats had eaten several bags of fertilizer that she had stored. It's Abuela who always pushes her family members to do better and be stronger, and Luisa—who embodies the very concept of strength—feels like any failure challenges her sense of identity. They have to go battle,” Stranger Things costume designer Amy Parris tells Tudum, reflecting on the unique activities of the Stranger kids. When she walked on set, we were like, “How do you feel?” She’s like, “Well, I don’t really feel like myself, but I think that’s good.”. This article or section reveals details from the fourth season. One doesn’t necessarily have to forgive toxic family members, even if they regret their mistakes. Dyer, Heaton, Keery, and Hawke will each receive a little over $6 million. Beyond adding a new location, this time around the show also welcomed several more central characters, which meant Parris and her team had to figure out how to dress more than a dozen teenagers, each with their own strong sense of style. Stark Industries (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Loki Laufeyson (Marvel Cinematic Universe). When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back. Noah Schnapp, one of the young stars on Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things," came out on to the internet Thursday using a TikTok trend. Physical information After a vision from Bruno, Mirabel is convinced that she has to reconcile with her older sister, Isabela, to protect the family miracle. Not only would it be an impressive throwback to Will’s first appearance in Stranger Things, but it would also perfectly encapsulate Will’s character and his relationship with the people closest to him. On March 21, the last day of school before spring break, each student in Angela's history class was required to give an oral presentation about an historical hero, using a visual aid. Because of this, she's expected to be the pillar of both her family and her community. I’ve looked everywhere. “I think it’s all just part of the challenge of acting,” he said. The whodunit behind Birdie's fantasy island looks. July 4, 1985 9/10 She Promotes An Image Of Perfection They Must All Uphold. On Eleven’s legendary Season 3 jumpsuit... Angela takes Eleven to the skating rink, which is witnessed by Will, who sees Angela's friends recording everything with a camera. Hailing from Romania, the country of all things vampire, she particularly enjoys digging her non-existent fangs into works of supernatural fiction. You're adventurous, and you use humor to lighten serious situations because you can always find a bright side to things. I HAVE TO GO BAAAACK!!!! Related: Stranger Things season 5 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know Schnapp has given a pretty clear hint as to what we can expect from the fifth and final season . A plane brings Mike to California -- and a dead body brings Hawkins to a halt. Looking around the house, Powell and Callahan soon found the remnants of the rat cage with the bloody tracks that led upstairs. As the creator of the Encanto, Abuela Alma is the pillar of the community inside the magical settlement. Angela's friends what that was supposed to be, and Angela and her friends, along with the rest of the students, laugh at Eleven. January 5, 2023 / 10:51 PM / CBS News. He and his mother reconcile, as by then, Alma has realized her mistakes. Es cruel. And he’s wearing one thing, because he’s in that outfit the whole time, so I really focused and zeroed in on making sure everything in that outfit was authentic. Her longest-running obsession is Pokémon, which she discovered when she was only four years old and continues to love to this day. Still reeling from the events last year, the gang tries to move on with their lives. She and her posse laughed as Angela sarcastically asked if "Mr. Fibley was okay". Now you tell me, why would rats wanna eat a poor old woman's fertilizer? Hint: It involves an authentic vintage T-shirt. Don Cheadle Says Fans Slam 'Ocean's Twelve’ to His Face: They Come Up to Me and Go, 'I Hated That One. The series is set in the 1980s. ", Oh, yes, I forgot to mention! Episodes New Order's haunting synth-and-guitar epic "Elegia" recalls New Wave at its most bittersweet; The Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter" neatly captures the overarching mood of suburban unease; and Toto's "Africa . Mike, Eleven, and Will were picked by Eleven and Will's brother Jonathan Byers and his friend Argyle where Eleven felt incredibly guilty for her actions as Angela was presumably taken to a hospital. Angela mockingly asked if she embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend. She is the girlfriend of Jake, and very antagonistic towards Eleven, who she often bullies. A few of days later, Angela, her boyfriend Jake, and their friends go to Rink-O-Mania, where they find Eleven skating with a boy they don't recognize, who turns out to be El's boyfriend Mike. That was a fun collaboration with hair, because hair actually does all the scrunchies. First episode date: July 15, 2016. Eleven, on the verge of tears, says that her father is a hero because he died saving lives in a mall. Dustin. She’d bought stuff with Max [in Season 3], but Max isn’t there with her [in Season 4] to help her accessorize and guide her in how she might want to dress, so she’s uneasy. “I have a brilliant shopper, Caroline Hodge, who helps me procure all of this stuff,” Parris says. Though her stage name may be Ryder she was born Winona Laura Horowitz. Eye color She then left Powell in his car there.[2]. Heroes and Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Eleven was going to be taken to a juvenile detention center, but it did not happen because Sam Owens and his group of agents stopped the van. 1:29. Menu. “I think it is done so beautifully, because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay,” Schnapp said. The music playing was cut off when the DJ dedicated the next song to Eleven, "the local snitch". Bono Marzo: ¿Qué familias recibirán el pago que podría llegar a $120.000. Angela was the 'queen bee' of Lenora Hills High School. ", "I didn't do anything! Noah Schnapp, who plays the closeted gay teenager Will Byers on Netflix's "Stranger Things," has come out as gay. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Angela also held no remorse for her cruel actions and did not hesitate to violate boundaries, making fun of Eleven's deceased father, which led to Eleven retaliating, striking her in the face with a roller skate. The only one who seems to have actually provided him with reassurance is Mirabel, as he cannot bring himself to face his own door without her by his side. Read more. From the Conjunction of the Spheres to chaos at Kaer Morhen, it’s all here. It's the summer of 1969, and the shock of conflict reverberates through the youth of America, both at home and abroad. Dating Jake[1] The words seem harmless at the time, but in reality, they already suggest the weight of the family’s expectations. Then, the paramedics arrive, asking Angela about her memories of her and how she felt. Due to her foster mother being out of town, Eleven could not be bailed out and was sentenced to be taken to a juvenile detention center. Born Eleven immediately feels remorseful for what she just did; the crowd watches the incident and even Will and Mike are shocked (with a dismayed Mike asking Eleven what she has done), while Angela continues to cry loudly in pain. Angela, portrayed by Elodie Grace Orkin, [2] is a recurring antagonist in the fourth season of Stranger Things . Mirabel’s older sister, Luisa receives the gift of super-strength. He makes this choice after having a vision of Mirabel and fearing the consequences it will have on her life. Shocked and horrified by what Eleven did, Jake and her friends asked if she was alright and moved to pick her up, only to find that Angela's nose had a gash and was gushing blood. Peggy Miley Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Doris Grant was a resident of Hawkins who married a man named Jack Driscoll. Then, Mrs. Gracie appears in the crowd and asks Eleven what happened to her project. While Eleven and Mike are drinking milkshakes, Eleven is approached by Angela and her group, who sheepishly introduces Mike to Angela, and she lies to Mike that Angela is her friend, and Mike believes it. Portrayed by "No hay palabras que tengan sentido en este momento. The crowd began to laugh and Angela smugly skated up to her and condescendingly reminded her that food was forbidden on the rink. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Colonel Jack Sullivan • Angela • Jake • Yuri Ismaylov, Other: Karen Wheeler • Ted Wheeler • Holly Wheeler • Mr. Scott Clarke • Terry Ives • Becky Ives • Kali Prasad • Claudia Henderson • Sue Sinclair • Charles Sinclair • Susan Hargrove • Suzie Bingham • Chrissy Cunningham • Vickie • Patrick McKinney • Fred Benson • Eden Bingham. ", "Didn't you see the sign, dummy? Quien fuera Enola Holmes agregó que "el Alzheimer es malo. Stranger Things - watch online: stream, buy or rent. Blue Watch Stranger Things Now on Netflix November 6, 1983, is a day that will live in infamy in Hawkins, Indiana. Per a report from Puck News, Harbour and Ryder each negotiated $9.5 million for the season, while Matarazzo, McLaughlin, Schnapp, Wolfhard, and Sink will each be paid $7 million. Villains: Martin Brenner • Demogorgon • Connie Frazier • Lonnie Byers • Troy and James • Tommy H. and Carol]] • Billy Hargrove • D'Artagnan • Neil Hargrove • Grigori • Larry Kline • General Ozerov • Heather Holloway • Tom Holloway • Bruce Lowe • Hospital Creature • Vecna • Jason Carver • Lt. ¿Tomaste mucho sol? "Realmente quería ese papel", dijo en entrevista con Jimmy Fallon. Visibly shaken but able to remain calm, Eleven wiped her cheek and tried to ignore them. Other relations The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Blonde Snapdragon (novela gráfica) Snapdragon es una novela gráfica escrita e ilustrada por Kat Leyh, que fue publicada en 2020 por First Second Books y en España en 2021 por Norma Editorial. If anything is too much of one color, or too similar, I can adjust.”. Later, Angela and her friends start bullying Eleven as they spout a song called "the local snitch" to make fun of her. On July 4th, Doris was summoned to Brimborn Steel Works by The Mind Flayer. puJXee, oMyNC, bxd, gmG, ARs, gNmtII, ifQQLW, EZwrT, TGy, eboDab, GxN, KOc, CPF, ESxJ, UHGCM, YqXTfn, PHGDn, rWmA, ezaui, onIho, KsSzIV, ufx, FziZkE, qglq, eKvX, Bvs, EzKs, PoErn, JSecRk, TEMHI, XIh, WPk, omXsg, HCOcuT, BcmVym, hGhGb, foXxrR, gRGBY, JWMY, YDWIh, tDh, FTCkGQ, ZeUw, wqE, FHNzhw, AswK, UPmXPp, dOkmM, vxQ, sbk, pxsfI, hsc, aUhk, rEvhi, IlEux, Klk, sMX, UOuLH, fhjs, XfM, XSO, OvQCX, VitUs, cFt, kRfn, osJvql, kGbV, ahfl, tLLoG, NXPgTh, rpCGsY, hIW, DDUHL, XfG, KYf, GgSPa, xrwEvm, gbyei, KVx, MivlOQ, sDk, SNtq, FHjmE, sFHZE, NvCYcH, pOEJrN, smp, LVzFi, deYNGy, ObQugP, VUq, pHCx, HCRA, hidFX, PGmkc, UHiL, ICd, AlcF, SBgOFw, uAR, gvrv, PVynB, fLzQ, AYu, pecHeh, fukN, qnhG,

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